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Emily Waldorf

it sounds emotionally destructive!

That’s what I’m hoping. 😛


*Mumbles indistinctly and avoids eye contact even more*

You are a monster and I know it’s Acyn! (Okay, I won’t actually ask you, since you don’t want to give me spoilers, but..C’MON!) XD

Yep, Liorah is the constant MC, though book 2 and 3 have a dual POV. Faye for the second one, and the new character I’m dropping in the castle for the third book. Is Quin and Qatar’s story a standalone? What genre is it? Fantasy with just another world, right?

Nice! Who is Faye? (Have you read the Two Princesses of Bamar?–that name is reminding me of one in there…)

Well, I have an idea for a sequal, but I don’t think it will be very good. But there will be a lot of loose ends at the end of this book, so IDK.


I suppose you have to call it low fantasy, but genres stump me, lol. It’s in a world that is exactly like ours only with different countries, geography, and people groups. Yours is fantasy in our world?




On that Day I want those who hated me most to have the least to say against me. ~Quin Miller

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