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Emily Waldorf

Aahhh, now I’m sad too 😭 I know it was needed for the plot but…

I know, and they didn’t leave on good terms and I hate myself!

*Avoids eye contact like my life depends on it* I neither confirm nor deny this. Maybe.

NOoooooo! Tell me it isn’t Acyn or Sahar!!!!!

Yep! I’m calling the first book “Gilded Blood”. The second and third are “Shadow Shards” and “Smoke Circlet.” I’m really proud of those titles 🙂 Though I couldn’t have picked them without the help of my SE friends!

Nice names! Is Liorah the MC for all of them, or what holds the trilogy together?


On that Day I want those who hated me most to have the least to say against me. ~Quin Miller

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