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That sounds like a very interesting concept, with her being colorless and all.

Name: Violet… or Rose… (Yes I know they are colors, but there’s nothing I love more than a good dose of irony every now and then)

Age: Late teens? 19 maybe?

Career/Role in story: Main character, especially with her situation

Personality: Charismatic, Very friendly and lively, tries to make up for her colorless appearance with a colorful personality.

Would you be friends with this character?: Yes

Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: Other than her colorless quirk… she’s probably in a more victorian/edwardian/one-of-those-history-‘ian’s type setting. Would not know how to use a smart phone.

What would her nickname be: Unsure

Her greatest strength: She tries not to let what makes her different hold her back. She maintains her confidence in spite of it.

Her fatal flaw: She can get a little too overconfident and get herself into a tough spot because of it.

Phrase that this character is likely to say: “If you say one more joke about me looking a bit pale today, so help me I will break several rules of etiquette, right here, right now.” (I don’t honestly know, but the image entertains me).

Favorite color: A bright aqua blue

Family status: Alive and well, they’re also a bit protective of her.

Single or taken?: Single.

Children: None

Hobbies: Painting. Things that involve adding more color to her world.

I doubt any of it’s correct, but she sounds very interesting just from your earlier hints.

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