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Joshua Scheele


Well it’s in my graphic design curriculum (ifff I’m able to get those courses online) and once I figure out what it is and what it does it’ll probably be great for idk designing a YouTube channel or cover designs or other aesthetic marketing networks and since I plan to go on the self-publishing route that’ll be really important for me. What got me into it was kinda a conversation like: Me; I wanna learn to animate if I can’t get a job this year!!! Mom; We’re not funding that, it doesn’t make money. Me; *ridiculous pile of research into stats and analytics and market growth* Mom; *sigh* Mom; it doesn’t make money here in this state, nobody I knew growing up who learned animation went on to be an animator. Me; but, animation. Mom; Trenholm has an associates in graphic design. Me; I don’t wanna learn to draw I already know how to do that and why would I get into Major Student Debt to learn something I can self-teach myself better and coding just isn’t something I could apply myself to and enjoy plus I can learn that free online already (actually, not so much ) and anyway a degree doesn’t actually get you a job I could build a portfolio now and probably get some small jobs *spends the next couple months trying to outstubborn my parents/prove I can already get a paying job from home if I just get a LinkIn account* (spoiler alert; that never works XD)* My sister; Dude. Look up graphic design. Me; *looks up graphic design* Me; THIS HAS ART, IT HAS WEB DESIGN, IT HAS EMAIL MARKETING, IT HAS VIDEO DESIGNING, IT HAS AUDIO AND MUSIC DESIGNING AND LITERALLY ANY ART. AND IT HAS ANIMATION!!!!!!! Ergo I shall learn graphic design or else.

I am a firm believer of succeeding without degrees. I have gotten a lot of offers on linkedin from recruiters but not the kind I want because those feel you have to have a paper proving you know something. After I get my story started, my skills with graphic design, and web development established, I will work on animation and 3D modeling for some big dream projects hopefully for my story world.

*lol mental image of a guy trying to sing like a little girl is hysterical and I can’t stop thinking about it now !*

Mind as well start singing in the opera if I could. lol XD

Oh my goodness did they actually pull off the accents, I remember being kinda disappointed with the hare-speech in the cartoon but there’s nothing like an audio that really has great voice-acting or just very lively impressions!

Yeah…. pretend the movies never happened. They put the books to shame. The hare speech voicing acting on the audiobooks could not get any better. Otters are my next favorite voices. Here is a link to a youtube playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-eq4II4Vg&list=PL5wO5l7NrUrr2_QRCqMWoids8EGOJSNfQ with many of the songs from the audiobooks. They can be quite fun to listen to.

I use satellite internet and it can be bad sometimes too.

To actually record…now this is gonna sound ridiculous but I use my camera that I saved up for when I was like twelve for some reason somehow (I love my camera it’s a darling little red Nikon and…*ahem* ANYWAY–) and I record using it like it’s a mic, then I use this Wondershare program to convert it to an MP3 instead of an MP4 which is video and just kinda export it like that then I import it into Audacity. I think…most people use an app…and a mic that’s implanted in smartphones or newer laptops (???)

I would say it is quite creative and passionate. I am sure you will go even farther as you upgrade your equipment. I hope to create a small recording station as I get further into voice acting.

I just have really bad Internet on my end and toggle between my mom’s computer and my computer that’s not connected to the Internet and has a wretched sound-system… But! When/if I get to take graphic design I’ll be getting a quality laptop for rendering and server speed and etc *my brain is still oozing with numbers and facts jumbled like alphabet soup melting braincells like a microwave after I legit spent three hours looking up requirements for a solid good graphic design laptop. (not Mac! Never Mac! Macs self-destruct with their updates as much as Apples’ those laptops are proven to commit ceremonial suicide for the extra revenue in a consumer society dependent on the Net and ideas of money which stem from ideas of gold.

I recommend to look at the MSI laptops. They are sturdy, but can be on the thick side but have plenty of room for beefy options if you want power. I got the MSI GE75 Raider, a bit pricy but should serve me for a while. It runs the Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo and Designer and Clip Art Studio well. I agree Mac’s are not always a good option even though many of my designer and programmer friends defend them to the end. XD

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