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If you mean because they let ME on the roads, then yeah, you’re totally right.

LOL! I find it really weird how you’re allowed to get your liscense at fifteen?? Here you can get your theoretical test at sixteen and then you have to take a set amount of driving lessons from a liscensed instructor and then you can take the test, and you’re not allowed to drive by yourself until you’re eighteen. Ngl, nobody takes the test that early. Most people use busses and trains until they’re past that age, partially because nobody passes the test on the first time.

Well the public transport in America is pretty crummy (really only people in the cities use it, and it’s, as I said, pretty crummy)–plus we’re so spread out (I almost typed ‘spaced out’–either works XD) that if you want to get anywhere around here you need a car.

Glad I could give you a laugh XD I think I’ve seen that map too. Is that the one with like four Ohio’s? Yeah… that’s exactly how I think of America XD

You live in Netherlands, correct? With all the windmills, dykes, tulips, and wooden shoes and you’re probably sinking into the ocean actually? XD


I didn’t understand that Brandon thing either…and I still don’t think I do. Oh well. I hate politics anyway…unless it’s in a fantasy or sci fi novel.



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