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Mood. It feels like my family is constantly trying to marry me off. XD

SAMEEE!!! My dad especially wants me married and out of the house so bad. But he also says no one will be insane enough to marry me so I guess he won’t get his wish

Is this some American thing I’m too European to understand? XD

Oh yeah for sure. Every ‘merican who saw that understood it and I betcha 95% of them laughed at it.

“Let’s go Brandon” is a thing against our president… It’s a long story.

Weird European driving laws

Huh, it’s strange how different the laws are everywhere. Here you get a driver’s permit usually at 15. You have to study and pass a written test that you can only miss up to 5 questions on. I’m pretty sure mine had 25 questions. Most people I know failed it the first time, but I didn’t. If you fail it so many times you have to take a drivers ed class I think. The rules for the permit is you can drive with anyone that’s 25 or older and has had their license for at least 3 years, you just have to have a written note from your legal guardians that give permission to be driving with that person. Also if you wreck or get a ticket you can’t get your license till you’re 18.

At 16 you take the actual driving test with a driving instructor and if you pass you get your license.


You got your license yet?

Yeah, my username is @Nyka (another one of my many false internet names XD)

I’ll follow you

Don’t worry, even though it’s appaling, I enjoy when you share those weird thoughts XD

Well I’m glad 😂


Huh. I think I started to make one, but apparently I actually did make it. Well, trust me, I never use it. xD

You should. My stalker side is bored at the moment. I also have a very large and quite possibly helpful writing board that you should check out for no reason other than that’s what my fingers decided to type.

Cathy could transform into a demon bantam in a blink, I don’t know about the others.

Oh totally. The only thing with this circus is that we couldn’t serve chicken. That just seems wrong.

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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