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Emma Walker

@noah-cochran Indeed.
Ive been writing for a long time. I have a ton of rough drafts and am currently focusing on a certain couple of families right now, in my fantasy world.
I can’t remember how long I’ve been on SE. I was on the YWW and when I had to leave I found this place.
I enjoy fantasy and historical fiction, as you can tell I’ve been into the Victorian era, and I finished the Kensington chronicles not too long ago, they were good. I just started Lady Trent Mysteries, which are also Victorian era I think.
I do like my fair share of Christian romance books. And even though I like mostly fantasy and historical, there are some modern day families like The Penderwicks and the Vanderbeekers that I enjoyed too


"If your goal is purity in heart, be prepared to be thought very odd." -Elisabeth Elliott

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