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I got pressured. It’s a word. It means my life was being threatened because of you.

I was on my phone at my grandma’s yesterday and my cousin/one of my best friends wanted to know what I was doing:

Mood. It feels like my family is constantly trying to marry me off. XD

I laughed at that so hard

I try XD

I would drive to Germany for cheap gas. It’s like $3.something here right now which is crazy. We thank our wonderful president for that and cheer for a NASCAR racer named Brandon every time we go to the gas station!

(Oh yeah, that was smooth. *pats self on back but hand slides off cuz I’m just so smooth*)

Is this some American thing I’m too European to understand? XD

f you mean because they let ME on the roads, then yeah, you’re totally right.

LOL! I find it really weird how you’re allowed to get your liscense at fifteen?? Here you can get your theoretical test at sixteen and then you have to take a set amount of driving lessons from a liscensed instructor and then you can take the test, and you’re not allowed to drive by yourself until you’re eighteen.

Ngl, nobody takes the test that early. Most people use busses and trains until they’re past that age, partially because nobody passes the test on the first time.

That’s as universally constant as nobody ever reading the assigned reading for the Dutch lit exam. (Imagine how appaled I was after I read every single terrible book on there and then realized that everyone else passed without reading it.)

Lol, knowing you it probably is. Are you on Pinterest?

Don’t overestimate me XD

Yeah, my username is @Nyka (another one of my many false internet names XD)

Well fine then, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself from now on! *crosses arms and pouts like the four year old I am at heart* you guys are mean…

Don’t worry, even though it’s appaling, I enjoy when you share those weird thoughts XD


What can I say? I like to keep people guessing.

You’re successful XD

Nodding sagely is just about the most academically evocative thing anyone can do. I am beat.

I practice being pretentious. I’m fairly good at it.

I second that. I currently reside in McDonalds Land.

LOL, I might need to make an exception for the entire south. That’s redneck country XD (Saying this as someone who falls squarely into the category of “fixes everything with bailing twine and duct tape”)


that was too hilarious. It reminds me of this map I’ve seen drawn by someone (an Australian I believe) who didn’t live in the U.S.

Glad I could give you a laugh XD I think I’ve seen that map too. Is that the one with like four Ohio’s? Yeah… that’s exactly how I think of America XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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