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Noah Cochran


Can you blame me? You just happen to live in the same state as me and seem to think about the same way I do. Should I also mention that use the same picture for SE and Pinterest? (I stalk everyone, I’m not even kidding) That seems pretty axe murder like to me. You probably couldn’t find any other pictures of that poor boy you stole the identity of

After reading all of that, I only have one question, I have a Pintrest account? xD

Yeah, I already did. *realizes I sound like the creepy person*

Not creepy, I’m glad you did, I read through all your articles of faith, and it appears that we are extremely similar. I was a little unsure about a couple of the things said, but that is a discussion for another time.

Is there a certain hymnal y’all use?

The Old School Hymnal. You?

I was on my phone at my grandma’s yesterday and my cousin/one of my best friends wanted to know what I was doing:

Interesting. Your cousin asks…well, interesting questions. 🙂

I hope that wasn’t to weird… I don’t think before I speak and I’ll admit anything XD Life’s too short to care! I’m the type of girl that doesn’t get offended when she gets asked how much she weighs or anything lol

Thinking before one speaks is something we can all work on, but you’re fine right now. 🙂

Oh, and Erynne, we appear to be gathering a flock of stalkers. xD


that was too hilarious.

I second that. I currently reside in McDonalds Land.

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