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I’m totally inserting myself into this but

My thought that Americans are weird has been affirmed again XD Why are you talking about different states like they’re different countries??? Everyone knows America only has a couple states. New york, Hollywood, Texas, Disneyland, and McDonalds.

that was too hilarious. It reminds me of this map I’ve seen drawn by someone (an Australian I believe) who didn’t live in the U.S.


Hi there hello, welcome back, I think I remember talking to you? Anyways, glad you’re back, hope you’re able to get all the writing things done. I’ve just been stalking this whole conversation (don’t worry I’m not an axe murderer) but I’m a hopeless suburbanite so all this talk of chickens and sheep–aren’t those those meat things in the styrofoam containers you buy at the store? jkjk, I actually do know people who keep chickens in their backyard. And who own half a cow, named Stew.

"Can't have dirty garbage."

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