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Ahh, come on.

Can you blame me? You just happen to live in the same state as me and seem to think about the same way I do. Should I also mention that use the same picture for SE and Pinterest? (I stalk everyone, I’m not even kidding) That seems pretty axe murder like to me. You probably couldn’t find any other pictures of that poor boy you stole the identity of

Rocky Fork Primitive Baptist Church–that should bring it up if you ever give in to those stalking habits.

Yeah, I already did. *realizes I sound like the creepy person*

In what way? Of all things? Or just the elect?

Did I mention I’m not very smart? Can you please talk to me like your writing the book “Predestination for Dummies”?

Oh really? Nice, I rarely find other people who don’t use instruments in church. Does your church have a website?

Is there a certain hymnal y’all use? Umm I honestly don’t know lol lemme check…


We do! If you click on Menu it’ll give you a lot more info. You probably could’ve figured that out but I told you anyway.

You got what?

You like driving?

I got pressured. It’s a word. It means my life was being threatened because of you.

I was on my phone at my grandma’s yesterday and my cousin/one of my best friends wanted to know what I was doing:

Me: “talking to someone”

Him: “Who?”

Me: “A dude named Noah from my writing forum”

Him: “is he your boyfriend”

Me: “absolutely not, I don’t even know him, we just started chatting Sunday”

Him: *continues to ask me questions about Noah*

Also him: “you should tell him you know how to drive”

Me: “Why?”

Him: “because it’s cool and he might want to know”

Me: “I’m not going to just tell him I can drive that’s kinda weird”

Him: *smiles knowing my weaknesses* “I dare you to”

Me: *rolls my eyes in defeat because I absolutely hate not doing dares unless it’s totally drastic*

So there we go, there’s your tmi moment for the day.

Yup, I love driving and no matter what my brother says I’m actually not too bad at it XD

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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