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Noah Cochran


Get lost Joelle! (Jk someone had to do it)



*waves back

Yes, yes, I know I wasn’t in this conversation. Yes, I am butting in (feel free to tell me to get lost XD).

You’re welcome to butt in anytime. 🙂

I am do things around the same lines (this series is being made because of two characters that I wanted to write). However, I’ve been thinking about this (and @everyone else is welcome to comment on this as well), and though one can do it the other way around, I have grown to think that creating the main antagonist and their plan is the best place to start. Then one can make sure their protagonists’ reasons for caring about what the antagonist is doing is sound, both externally and internally.


I don’t know where to start here now XD

You called, we came. 😉


I am also blatantly ramming into this conversation

*I walk over and start a congenial conversation with Emma

*Joelle skids to a halt besides us, we raise a brow in surprise

*Erynne skids to a halt beside Joelle and immediately starts berating her for such rudeness

*Rose, unable to stop her face pace, rams straight into Joelle and Erynne and the three of them fall into Emma and me

*Everyone lies in a large pile gives each other exasperated writer looks

Source: I’m writing a trilogy. You know that, I’m skipping over the formalities.

I’m scandalized. How dare you skip over formalities.

And to actually answer your question, I always start with characters and their arcs then reverse engineer the antagonist’s plan to fit what needs to happen to them.

So this is interesting (see my comment to Joelle), I think this can work, but I’ve been torn on which way I should do it, protags or antags first. What I do know is that it is of vital importance that the protags have very good external and internal reasons for caring about the atag and their plan. My problem with starting with the protags is that I’m worried that I’ll have to majorly revise them to work with my atag.

Though, I have to confess, I really don’t like coming up with the antagonist’s plans

I wouldn’t say I don’t like it, but good night is it hard. xD I have grown to believe that though the protags are what make a story shine, the main antagonist and their plan is what ties all the protagonists and events together–without it, there would just be a bunch of characters aimlessly walking about. That’s my thought process anyway.

Thanks for all the tips, and yes, I love having a large cast of PoV’s. Even as a stand-alone, The Thief’s Dilemma has several…xD


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