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Something I love about an entire forum of writers is that you get beautiful, poetic posts like this:

All colors are beautiful. The crackling bronze leaves of autumn, the living greens of spring, the pure whites of snowflakes meandering through the sky, the golden rays of summer wrapping one in its warm embrace, the deep blues of crashing waves, the vibrant scarlets of blood coursing through human veins, the thundering blacks of a storm rent sky.
and like two posts back you find:

Oh yes, totes and totes of taters.

I laughed at that so hard 😂

I know exactly which meme you’re talking about and it’s my pleasure to inform you that it’s absolutely correct XD Some people in our area drive to Germany to fill their cars because gas is like fifteen cents cheaper XD

I would drive to Germany for cheap gas. It’s like $3.something here right now which is crazy. We thank our wonderful president for that and cheer for a NASCAR racer named Brandon every time we go to the gas station! 🤓🎉

(Oh yeah, that was smooth. *pats self on back but hand slides off cuz I’m just so smooth*)

America is exponentially more dangerous. XD

If you mean because they let ME on the roads, then yeah, you’re totally right.

Funny thing, I see a lot of media second hand XD I just read the memes and theories and stuff people write about it and connect the dots. My mental plot for it is better than whatever actually happened XD

Lol, knowing you it probably is. Are you on Pinterest?

Tbh, the idea that you spent any length of time thinking about that is almost as terrifiying as the mental image you painted XD

Well fine then, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself from now on! *crosses arms and pouts like the four year old I am at heart* you guys are mean…

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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