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K.M. Small


I haven’t been quite as consistent as I’d hoped, so I’m doubling up on some days to catch up. I’ve found that a number of the prompts flow together really well when I bring them to prayer.

I guess there wasn’t a certain direction any of these prompts were meant to go, but this week especially they’ve been starting points for praise. This year has been rough for me physically and emotionally, but I’m starting to see how what’s happened has given me a massive amount of inspiration for my writing. There are emotions, circumstances, and relationships I’m able to more powerfully portray after walking through this year. Praying over Day 4’s prompt for this week has been hugely encouraging. It’s healing to know that I can channel what I’ve learned and what I’ve gone through into a story that can connect with and encourage others. Receiving a lot of positive feedback on my novel, especially on the emotional resonance, from my critique group has cemented that belief for me.


That’s a fantastic point about Day 3’s prompt from last week. We can provide the materials of the story to the readers, but it’s ultimately going to be God who utilizes them to touch souls.

~ Khylie
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