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This is the moment when one wonders if one is drunk.

ngl, I thought that too XD

Something I love about an entire forum of writers is that you get beautiful, poetic posts like this:

All colors are beautiful. The crackling bronze leaves of autumn, the living greens of spring, the pure whites of snowflakes meandering through the sky, the golden rays of summer wrapping one in its warm embrace, the deep blues of crashing waves, the vibrant scarlets of blood coursing through human veins, the thundering blacks of a storm rent sky.

and like two posts back you find:

Oh yes, totes and totes of taters.

Written by the same person. Like a day apart. In the same conversation.

I know I do this too, no need to remind me XD

We’re so old.

Ancient. I feel eighty and twelve at the same time. I know nothing but I’ve lived through lifetimes I can barely remember.

You would make an amazing teacher Rose.

*Nods sagely* I know.


That’s really funny because I saw a meme about someone in Europe driving to another country to get Burger King and it said “this is a lot funnier to Americans because in Europe you seriously can just drive to another country to got BK” that’s just where my brain went to…

I know exactly which meme you’re talking about and it’s my pleasure to inform you that it’s absolutely correct XD Some people in our area drive to Germany to fill their cars because gas is like fifteen cents cheaper XD

15 has been fun so far. I have my permit so that’s been great. (I got pressured into telling you I can drive and this is probably the most casual way I could’ve done it)

America is exponentially more dangerous. XD

Got that right, YOU UNCULTURED SWINE!! Well in Mulan Eddie Murphy’s character, a dragon named Mushu, (the best character of the movie) says “Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, dishonor on your cow!”

I’m a total Disney dork….

Funny thing, I see a lot of media second hand XD I just read the memes and theories and stuff people write about it and connect the dots. My mental plot for it is better than whatever actually happened XD

I actually think I can handle that

Just try your best. Don’t worry if it’s hard at first.

*bows repeatedly* thank you, thank you!

I’ve actually given the idea a lot of thought since I’ve had nothing better to do

Tbh, the idea that you spent any length of time thinking about that is almost as terrifiying as the mental image you painted XD


Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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