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Let’s do it.

Which one?

This is the moment when one wonders if one is drunk.

Shhhhhh we don’t talk about that

You wound me Erynne.

I guess I should give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you truly just want me to go to your church and perhaps one day develop a friendship with me….

Nah, I like the axe murder idea better. It makes my life more interesting.

It’s named after a creek called Rocky Fork. Strange, but original.

I like it!! I may or may not look it up since stalking people is one of my hobbies

We agree with several of Calvin’s doctrines (especially regarding the tulip), but we do not believe in what Calvin would call the Perseverance of the Saints, which states that born again people will show that they are born again by continuing in good works through their whole lives. We also do not believe int eh absolute predestination of all things.

Yeah we do too. I agree with you on the good deeds part, I do believe in predestination tho.

Do you use instruments in your worship? Or is it actually acapella?


My deepest apologies, I’ll blame it on information overload.

Well gee, thanks man

Take it over? Either that bakery is tiny or you are ambitious, which is good.

Both XD

Actually if I didn’t currently work in one, I would be trying to figure out how to start one. My boss is in poor shape and she doesn’t think she can run the business for too many more years, so she was searching for someone that could take it over and that person just happened to be me. She doesn’t have any kids or anything, but she’s known my grandpa for quite some time and he knows I have a passion in baking so he got me this job and now I’m a few years away from owning The Pie Safe of Pocahontas Missouri.

All colors are beautiful. The crackling bronze leaves of autumn, the living greens of spring, the pure whites of snowflakes meandering through the sky, the golden rays of summer wrapping one in its warm embrace, the deep blues of crashing waves, the vibrant scarlets of blood coursing through human veins, the thundering blacks of a storm rent sky.

That was incredibly calming, ngl XD

I am suitably burnt.

Can I get you some ice?

Be glad you’re young, I wish I had my 15th year back so I could make it about forty million times more productive.

15 has been fun so far. I have my permit so that’s been great. (I got pressured into telling you I can drive and this is probably the most casual way I could’ve done it)

You would make an amazing teacher Rose.

She totally would XD

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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