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Noah Cochran

@erynne and @rose-colored-fancy

We can either destroy all chickens and chicken related animals or we can rebel against the human race and become one of them. It’s your call, I’m game either way.

Let’s do it.

I’M IN!!! If we choose the destroy path, I suggest we start with the bantams! Big chickens are floofy at least, bantams are demon-spawn. (I have kicked bantam roosters almost as often as I have been kicked by bantam roosters.)

Member recruited. Bantams are indeed demon-spawn.

2) we get put into a circus which could be interesting cause Noah can be a singing chicken and he could sing songs from Greatest Showman, and you could be a chicken that jumps through a ring of fire, and I’ll somehow end up as a clown chicken driving a super tiny chicken car.

O_O 😮

This is the moment when one wonders if one is drunk.

*Blinks rapidly* That isn’t remotely where I expected that sentence to go. That’s the most horrific imagery I have ever had the misfortune of reading, you should be proud of yourself XD You’ll go very far as a writer if you keep that up XD

No. Kidding.

I dunno… What if your an axe murder and I’m just falling directly into your trap?

You wound me Erynne.

What’s your church called?

It’s named after a creek called Rocky Fork. Strange, but original.

We must have very similar beliefs because I don’t disagree with you on anything. That’s also how our worship service is set up. No concert or passing around of the offering tray. Do you agree with the teachings of John Calvin?

Do you use instruments in your worship? Or is it actually acapella?

We agree with several of Calvin’s doctrines (especially regarding the tulip), but we do not believe in what Calvin would call the Perseverance of the Saints, which states that born again people will show that they are born again by continuing in good works through their whole lives. We also do not believe int eh absolute predestination of all things.

That just shows how much you pay attention to our conversation though, I mentioned it before XD

My deepest apologies, I’ll blame it on information overload.

I work in a small, local bakery which I am planning to take over in the next few years.

Take it over? Either that bakery is tiny or you are ambitious, which is good. 🙂

Have you been playing long?

A couple years.

Hmm… what is your favorite color?

All colors are beautiful. The crackling bronze leaves of autumn, the living greens of spring, the pure whites of snowflakes meandering through the sky, the golden rays of summer wrapping one in its warm embrace, the deep blues of crashing waves, the vibrant scarlets of blood coursing through human veins, the thundering blacks of a storm rent sky.

I haven’t asked enough questions and you’re the only person that seems to want to talk to me so I’m not gonna let this conversation end


LOL, I’ve been reading your and Noah‘s conversation and it’s hilarious XD

We do our best.

Hey, lookit, we’re the same age and almost the same height!

We’re so old.

In Dutch we say that Ford is an acronym for “Fouten Overal, Reparaties Dagelijks” (Translation: Mistakes everywhere, repairs: daily) XD

I love it. xD

What I call an epic burn XD

I am suitably burnt.

*not me over here trying not to feel short and young at 15 and 5’8ish

Be glad you’re young, I wish I had my 15th year back so I could make it about forty million times more productive.

Step 1: Say it.

Step 2: Wrong. XD

You would make an amazing teacher Rose.


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