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<p style=”text-align: left;”>Valid point XD I hope I’d have the guts to do it too, but we both know I wouldn’t XD</p>

Oh I totally would XD

Actually, that sounds really cool! I can guess where you got the inspiration


I mean… that’s the logical thing to do but on the other hand: *Gestures vaguely at entire world*.

Exactly lol

LOL, I’ve been reading your and @noah-cochran ‘s conversation and it’s hilarious XD

Haha oh no!

Hey, lookit, we’re the same age and almost the same height!

*not me over here trying not to feel short and young at 15 and 5’8ish* 😐

Shame on you. Shame on your cow.

Ok I totally have Mulan going through your head. I’m happy to find another Chevy girl, or at least anti-ford girl

In Dutch we say that Ford is an acronym for “Fouten Overal, Reparaties Dagelijks” (Translation: Mistakes everywhere, repairs: daily) XD

Can you tell me how to pronounce that so I can start using it?? XD

What I call an epic burn XD

Ikr? Thanks XD

I’M IN!!!

Excellent. The only problem with destroying all the chickens is we’ll need a lot of freezer space. If we become one of them one of two things will happen

1) we proudly get put into a mental hospital


2) we get put into a circus which could be interesting cause Noah can be a singing chicken and he could sing songs from Greatest Showman, and you could be a chicken that jumps through a ring of fire, and I’ll somehow end up as a clown chicken driving a super tiny chicken car.

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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