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Ack, I forgot to repy! *facepalm*

Ah, you see, I would do that. If I knew I was going to be executed I would just spend my last moments insulting people. *claps for Liorah*

Valid point XD I hope I’d have the guts to do it too, but we both know I wouldn’t XD

EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Like why do we, as writers, say we write because we enjoy it but complain about absolutely everything?? We’ll even call it relaxing and sometimes therapeutic, but truthfully we only enjoy it for the first few minutes?

The best part of writing is when you finished writing XD The actual act of writing is only occasionally fun XD

I apologize for my ramble that doesn’t make any sense

Actually, that sounds really cool! I can guess where you got the inspiration 😉

Like, thirty years after the government took over their lives and freedoms the people finally decide to do something about it. I don’t think that’s really realistic and it’ll set my story aside from others which I think is cool cause I didn’t think I was capable of that lol.

I mean… that’s the logical thing to do but on the other hand: *Gestures vaguely at entire world*.

LOL, I’ve been reading your and @noah-cochran ‘s conversation and it’s hilarious XD

Good ol’ 17

5 ft 9ish, I haven’t measured for a while, so who knows.

Hey, lookit, we’re the same age and almost the same height!

So I choose Ford for no reason other than that’s what you want me to pick.

Shame on you. Shame on your cow.

In Dutch we say that Ford is an acronym for “Fouten Overal, Reparaties Dagelijks” (Translation: Mistakes everywhere, repairs: daily) XD

Yes, I’m covinced you’re just one if those “pretty city boys”

What I call an epic burn XD

Rose (of SE) convinced me to read Hunger Games, and I’ve read the first and second book. Katniss is pretty good, especially in the first book.

I live to convince people to read my favorite books XD I’m glad I succeeded again!! XD

We can either destroy all chickens and chicken related animals or we can rebel against the human race and become one of them. It’s your call, I’m game either way.

I’M IN!!! If we choose the destroy path, I suggest we start with the bantams! Big chickens are floofy at least, bantams are demon-spawn. (I have kicked bantam roosters almost as often as I have been kicked by bantam roosters.)

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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