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Joshua Scheele


1) Name: Runar Grishnak

I have not fully decided but recently came up with Valdunar but Runar is good too.

2) Age: oof I’m horrible with ages XD 36?

Actually spot on XD

3) Career/Role in Story: Redeemed villain and/or grumpy mentor that doesn’t really want to teach the pupil but hates being bugged by said pupil more so teaches him/her grudgingly

He is mentor/trainer to the little girl and becomes her stand-in father and knight.

4): Personality: Grouchy. He’s definitely grouchy. And stern. And huggable in a spiky kind of way (does that make sense? XD) He’s also funny without trying to be funny. Aka I really like this guy. XD

He might seem grumpy but has the heart of a gooey marshmallow, especially for the weak and children. He has to keep a stern general look to keep his troops and subordinates in line. It always revives him to see his people laugh with the antics he plans to keep their spirits alight in the dark.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: YES. Well, I’d try. Like I’d leave random chocolate and just talk to him even though he isn’t listening and wait for him to thaw and tell him to read stuff and generally be very annoying until he gives in. Or I’d be too scared. XD

Your survival depends on being friends. He is seen by good people as a force for life, justice and peace and death itself if it had a human body to those who do evil. He does enjoy treats, watching, and listening. XD

6) Any other details you may have gotten from picture: His clothes kinda look like they could be a uniform or something stiff and formal, so I’m guessing he was/is either in the army or is someone important – nobility, bodyguard, royalty, etc. It’s not very decorated, though, so either he’s retired or didn’t make it very far in his army endeavors. If he WEREN’T in the army, then he’d have to be a king or someone – he’s got that battle-hardened look in his eye.

He has lived 3-4 lifetimes in 36 yrs. A cabin boy, sailor, soldier, general, merchant lord, and king. Good eye, especially about them eyes, because he is a cold killer if you stand between him and those in need. They are windows to the soul. XD

Good job!

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