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Aww, I feel for ya, chickens have always been stealing my spotlight too. We’re gonna have to do something about that.

We can either destroy all chickens and chicken related animals or we can rebel against the human race and become one of them. It’s your call, I’m game either way.

Oh yes, totes and totes of taters.

Hm, I might have to try that some time.

Mission accomplished

My life goal is complete

Wow, since when did my opinion become the highlight of you bucket list??

Y’all should come up and visit our church sometime.

I dunno… What if your an axe murder and I’m just falling directly into your trap?

What’s your church called?

I kinda have a insatiable habit of inviting every I know to church to get to know them better, church is where I’ve met and talk to most of my friends.

Haha, same! Y’all should come and visit our church sometime.

You have a job already? Or was that hypothetical?

Nope I really do! That just shows how much you pay attention to our conversation though, I mentioned it before XD

I work in a small, local bakery which I am planning to take over in the next few years.

Here’s a brief explanation: We believe God predestination a chosen people to heaven known as the elect. During their lives, these elect will be born again/called/spiritually sanctified (same things) through no help of man, only through the gift and grace of God. I.e, people get to heaven not through preaching, good works, accepting, baptism, or any of that, only through God and Him alone. Our worship service consists of acapella singing as a congregation, prayer, and preaching. Thoughts?

We must have very similar beliefs because I don’t disagree with you on anything. That’s also how our worship service is set up. No concert or passing around of the offering tray. Do you agree with the teachings of John Calvin?

Gold, pure gold.

Well thank you 😁

A wind instrument roughly the shape of an oval played by putting one’s fingers over holes (like a flute). They’re fun, and sound great (when played by someone good that is).

Oh, ok cool! I bet you’re not as bad as you think 😉

Have you been playing long?

Hmm… what is your favorite color?

I haven’t asked enough questions and you’re the only person that seems to want to talk to me so I’m not gonna let this conversation end 😂😂

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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