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Noah Cochran


It’s always the chicken, smh. I just need to except the fact that chickens are and will always be better and more likeable than I am.

Aww, I feel for ya, chickens have always been stealing my spotlight too. We’re gonna have to do something about that.

Hmm I’ve never had a tater tote… Are they any good? Like a tote filled with taters?

Oh yes, totes and totes of taters.

That was a test and you passed 100%

Mission accomplished.

I believe it’s safe for me to admit that I think country boy fits you well.

My life goal is complete.

I looked it up and if what Google says is right, we’re only 3 1/2 hours away from each other. I don’t know why we need that information but perhaps one day we will.

Y’all should come up and visit our church sometime. 🙂

I kinda have a insatiable habit of inviting every I know to church to get to know them better, church is where I’ve met and talk to most of my friends.

Honestly as much as I love my job I would quit in a heartbeat if I got forced to take the vaccine.

You have a job already? Or was that hypothetical?

That’s great!! I am a Baptist too, but we call ourselves Reformed Baptists. I honestly don’t know too much about other beliefs so do you know if we’re on the same page?

So, I can give you a few brief things that might be different between us, but if you want a rambling, chaotic explanation that will probably drive you mad, you could take a brief glance at my comments in a thread in General Discussions started by Cathy. Me and her (and then her brother and a Calvinist) had quite a enjoyable conversation on the topic. 🙂

Here’s a brief explanation: We believe God predestination a chosen people to heaven known as the elect. During their lives, these elect will be born again/called/spiritually sanctified (same things) through no help of man, only through the gift and grace of God. I.e, people get to heaven not through preaching, good works, accepting, baptism, or any of that, only through God and Him alone. Our worship service consists of acapella singing as a congregation, prayer, and preaching. Thoughts?

*dramatically stares up into space* don’t give up.  whatever difficulties you may face, whatever criticism you may encounter, just know that someone is going through it too therefore you are not alone. It will all get easier with time, practice, and patience. Just pray, my dear friend, and keep a smile on your face….

Yeah, I got nothing.


Gold, pure gold.

What’s Ocarina?

A wind instrument roughly the shape of an oval played by putting one’s fingers over holes (like a flute). They’re fun, and sound great (when played by someone good that is).

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