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Well, I didn’t think Tennessee was southern at all either until we went their last March to a church meeting and I met and talked to a girl who had a more southern accent than any Mississippian or Texan I’ve ever heard. xD

Oh well ok then XD

I shall endeavor to quit being petulant.

Well that’s not necessarily what I’d call it

I humbly and sincerely apologize. To your chickens.

It’s always the chicken, smh. I just need to except the fact that chickens are and will always be better and more likeable than I am. 🙁

Taters as potatoes/tater-totes,

Hmm I’ve never had a tater tote… Are they any good? Like a tote filled with taters?

skinny jeans are–I can’ think of a proper euphemism–ridiculous,

I could not agree more. Women already shouldn’t wear ’em, dudes just look- stealing your words- RIDICULOUS in ’em. That was a test and you passed 100%

and my brother wears a cowboy hat, so that counts.  I would say I’m a city boy living in the country, or a hybrid of the two, but you can call me whatever you want.

Yeah it’s practically the same thing. I don’t wear one either since I don’t have one lol. I’ve been told I look good in one tho 😏 (😂 just ignore me) I mainly just wear my Appeal to Heaven hat I made

I believe it’s safe for me to admit that I think country boy fits you well.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, I live around 2 hours from St. Louis as well.</p>

I looked it up and if what Google says is right, we’re only 3 1/2 hours away from each other. I don’t know why we need that information but perhaps one day we will.

Depends how much I wanted my job, and how dangerous I thought the vaccine was. As of right now, I think getting the vaccine is not a big enough deal for me to quit my job over, but it depends on the circumstances. How about you?

That’s understandable. Honestly as much as I love my job I would quit in a heartbeat if I got forced to take the vaccine. I refused to be pushed around like that and I’m not going to let anyone win. It’s my freedom they’re trying to mess with and that’s not acceptable. I don’t think I would quit right away, I’d stick up for myself and if that didn’t work I’d quit.

I’m sure I sound insane XD (like in a different way….)

Can you respect my opinions even if you don’t agree?

Tis true. We are baptists, but we call ourselves Primitive Baptists (meaning historical, or conservative, not cave dwelling)  to help show the differences between us and other strains of baptists that we disagree with. How about you?

That’s great!! I am a Baptist too, but we call ourselves Reformed Baptists. I honestly don’t know too much about other beliefs so do you know if we’re on the same page?

Tips on guitar? I’ve kinda got into a while back, but for now I really just sing and play the Ocarina.

*dramatically stares up into space* don’t give up.  whatever difficulties you may face, whatever criticism you may encounter, just know that someone is going through it too therefore you are not alone. It will all get easier with time, practice, and patience. Just pray, my dear friend, and keep a smile on your face….

Yeah, I got nothing. I have been failing at keeping up with it, I just know practice makes perfect and the sore fingers really do go away XD

What’s Ocarina? I’m a musician not a smart person, ok?

When you can sense someone’s vivacious temperament through a screen, that person is far from boring. Talk as much as you want.

Well that made me smile 😂

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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