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Noah Cochran


So how is Tennessee southern but Missouri isn’t? I also forgot about Texas and Arkansas. I don’t know why we are either.

Well, I didn’t think Tennessee was southern at all either until we went their last March to a church meeting and I met and talked to a girl who had a more southern accent than any Mississippian or Texan I’ve ever heard. xD

We just are ok?

I shall endeavor to quit being petulant.

Ok you know what you can just be quiet now 😂 don’t pick on my chickens. I’m surrounded by cows, horses, and fields. I have one visible neighbor and that’s it.

I humbly and sincerely apologize. To your chickens. 😉

I need evidence that you aren’t a pretty city boy. Do you know what taters are and do you wear skinny jeans and a cowboy hat?

Taters as potatoes/tater-totes, skinny jeans are–I can’ think of a proper euphemism–ridiculous, and my brother wears a cowboy hat, so that counts.  I would say I’m a city boy living in the country, or a hybrid of the two, but you can call me whatever you want. 🙂

Ok I’m second guessing being impressed that you’re in college

I knew you would come around.

Yes, I live around 2 hours from St. Louis as well.

If your job was on the line do you think you would break down and get it?

Depends how much I wanted my job, and how dangerous I thought the vaccine was. As of right now, I think getting the vaccine is not a big enough deal for me to quit my job over, but it depends on the circumstances. How about you?

I saw somewhere that you are a pastor’s son? What is your belief?

Tis true. We are baptists, but we call ourselves Primitive Baptists (meaning historical, or conservative, not cave dwelling)  to help show the differences between us and other strains of baptists that we disagree with. How about you?

Oh ok. The way your were talking I was expecting like 5’2 hahaha

Thank God, no.

Yes I do! I also play a little bit of piano and I am learning guitar. I do a little bit of theory I guess.

Tips on guitar? I’ve kinda got into a while back, but for now I really just sing and play the Ocarina.

If I’m boring you just tell me. I know I talk too much

When you can sense someone’s vivacious temperament through a screen, that person is far from boring. 🙂 Talk as much as you want.

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