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Noah Cochran


hen I read them and write placeholders like “Thingy. Thingything.” every second sentence


Hey, I still have faith in you.

Things will be interpreted differently now than they were at the time it’s set.

Yes, when I used the word gown, that problem was always in my mind, because it has strong connotation of high quality, and dressy.

This… sounds suspiciously like that one Shadiversity video XD Is that where you heard it? He has an awesome channel, I use it a lot! The historical community on YouTube in general has been a great help in my writing.

Uh…you got me. xD Shadiversity is amazing, I do wish he put his sources in the channel description more often though. I think I might have read a similar account of clothing descriptions in Gies’s Life in the Medieval X series, but I would have to check.

Yes, the internet has been a tremendous help to me for history. If you’re ever interested in battles, tactics, or wanting historical inspiration, Kings and Generals youtube channels if fantastic, and he covers much of the medieval era and the battle and tactics of that time. Shadiversity is still the best by far though, his videos on castle layouts helped me a ton.

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