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So how is Tennessee southern but Missouri isn’t? I also forgot about Texas and Arkansas. I don’t know why we are either. We just are ok?

Ok you know what you can just be quiet now 😂 don’t pick on my chickens. I’m surrounded by cows, horses, and fields. I have one visible neighbor and that’s it.

I need evidence that you aren’t a pretty city boy. Do you know what taters are and do you wear skinny jeans and a cowboy hat?

Ok I’m second guessing being impressed that you’re in college… If you want to think thats what STL is you in right ahead.

I admit defeat. Something I’ve never done before, but you raise an excellent point and I think I agree. I still support Trump and I don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with that. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t kiss the ground he walks on like other Trumpers, and I don’t even consider myself a Republican but I do support what he did for our country.

I am very happy you don’t plan on getting it. And yeah you’re absolutely right about Covid not being serious enough for it. I’ve had it and it’s definitely not fun (I still can’t taste or smell anything) but there are so many lies and misbeliefs put into the sickness and the vaccine that I’ve seen firsthand. I don’t trust it and since I don’t even know what sideeffects I would have in 5 years if I got it, I definitely don’t intend to get it.

I also don’t agree that people should be forced to get it or they lose their rights as a human being. If your job was on the line do you think you would break down and get it?

I saw somewhere that you are a pastor’s son? What is your belief?

Well I don’t know if I would say Im mature I mean just the little bit about myself I’ve told you proves that to be true XD

Oh ok. The way your were talking I was expecting like 5’2 hahaha

I’m actually only about 5’8

Yes I do! I also play a little bit of piano and I am learning guitar. I do a little bit of theory I guess.

Yes I am very insane!! People either seem to hate me or love me because of that.

If I’m boring you just tell me. I know I talk too much 😂

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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