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Noah Cochran


Well I’ve been to Tennassee, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and I’ve lived in Kansas and Illinois so I guess I’ve got you beat there

Now wait just a minute Erynne my friend, I was talking about southern states. Most of those aren’t southern. If we’re counting all states, I’ve also been to Nebraska, Indiana, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, and Iowa. I’ve driven through even more. I have no idea why were trying to one-up each other on states we’ve visited, but these things happen it seems.

Yes, I’m covinced you’re just one if those “pretty city boys”

*is slightly speechless on how in the world I’ve been titled a city boy by a woman whose biggest farm animal is a chicken

I must be the strangest “pretty city boy” to ever exist then, living as I do surround on all sides by two cattle farmers and a small horse ranch.

 And if you don’t know where that is I’m going to give up and say that I’m about 2 hours south of STL. (You know where that is, being a city boy and all)

What’s St. Louis? A catholic saint who lives in France?

He is a very ungodly man, but he’s the lesser of two evils which is sadly how we have to choose our rulers these days. I show my support to him because I know how the liberals and dems got him out of presidency because he can somewhat turn this country around to the great nation it once was.

So if Stalin, Napoleon, and some unknown strong christian were running for president, and the strong christian had no chance, you would vote for Napoleon just because he is less evil than Stalin? The lesser of two evils argument is very common, but if everyone quit using it and voted for a truly christian person, one might actually win.

Can I ask what your views on the vaccine is? Are you nit vaccinated because you don’t trust or agree with it ir have you just not gotten it yet?

Okay, first off, I don’t plan on ever getting it, but there are a few different reasons. I don’t think it is necessary with a sickness like Covid for one thing, but my family has also convinced me that many vaccines can be damaging to people, so there’s that reason too. However, I’m not saying I would never get a vaccine in some other, super deadly sickness in some hypothetical time.

Side note, I do not think there are any conspiracies regarding the vaccine (or the presidential elections for that matter), but I do think it might be harmful to humans.

Ha, I can relate. When I was 14 (you know like a whole month ago) I got asked if I was married and in college 😂

That’s hilarious. xD But also probably a good thing, people your age who are guessed older are usually guessed older if they acting more mature than their peers.

How tall are you?

5 ft 9ish, I haven’t measured for a while, so who knows. How about you? 6 ft 10ish?

You’re asking for too much. That is out of my capabilities.

You’ll get there.

oh and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Im really hoping to learn that one in the violin.

You play the violin? Do you play anything else? Know much music theory?

I dont know how you can sleep at night you little ford loving city boy.

*is once again speechless

I…uh…you are a little insane aren’t you?


I couldn’t care less for ford. Or chevy (heresy, I know). They’re all blah, I’ll get whatever’s cheapest.

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