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Eh, it’s just early online college, I’m not planning on taking anything more than that. I’m glad to here it, public schools are just crazy these days.

That’s still really cool tho. I bet it’s stressful XD

Oh I know! Being able to decide what sex you want to be in kindergarten is bad enough, now they’re adding CRT. All of it is just screwed and I honestly feel bad for anyone who has to deal with it.

I wouldn’t say sheep are common in MO, but I’ve seen more sheep here than any other state. Of course, I haven’t lived in any other states, but we’ll just ignore that fallacy. City boys with sheep? Interesting.

Well I’ve been to Tennassee, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and I’ve lived in Kansas and Illinois so I guess I’ve got you beat there XD

I’ve only lived in other states because I’m an arny brat so It’s really not that interesring on my end lol

Yes, I’m covinced you’re just one if those “pretty city boys”

I don’t consider MO southern at all. xD

No, Missouri isn’t southern, however am. I’m a total redneck XD

We live in central MO, around Columbia. I assuming you’re near Branson or the Ozarks?

Ok cool! I actually live more up north than that. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the area, but I live near Perryville. And if you don’t know where that is I live about 45 mins away from Cape Girardeu. And if you don’t know where that is I’m going to give up and say that I’m about 2 hours south of STL. (You know where that is, being a city boy and all)

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I actually agree with you all the way. I completly agree with your views on Trump. He is a very ungodly man, but he’s the lesser of two evils which is sadly how we have to choose our rulers these days. I show my support to him because I know how the liberals and dems got him out of presidency because he can somewhat turn this country around to the great nation it once was.

And yeah, I also agree with your view on guns. I’m also thrilled to hear you don’t support the Skittles flag.

Can I ask what your views on the vaccine is? Are you nit vaccinated because you don’t trust or agree with it ir have you just not gotten it yet? 

Gale is top notch boring, and Peeta is obviously the spotlight.

Oh for sure. The only thing I don’t like about Peeta is that he’s quite feminine

When I was 14, people thought I was 16, when I was 15, people thought I was 18, now people think I’m 17-19. So older, which is a good thing for a teenager usually. But in my case, height definitely has nothing to do with it. I am not tall, especially when juxtaposed with my friends, who all seem to be between 6 and 6.5 feet. xD

Ha, I can relate. When I was 14 (you know like a whole month ago) I got asked if I was married and in college 😂

How tall are you?

Oh come on Erynne, be nice.

You’re asking for too much. That is out of my capabilities.

Gambler by Kenny Rogers, Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver, and Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. What about you?

Ah I love all of those. Especially the John Denver one, and that is my favorite Johnny Cash song. I was actually singing it in the car this morning.

Umm Idk. Todays country is not country so none of that. I do like some of it I just don’t classify it as country. I guess I’ll have to go with Country Roads Take Me Home (thank you, it’s stuck in my head now), One Way Ticket by Leann Rimes, Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by my great aunt Reba Maccentire (nit really but that’s what she’s referred to in my house. There’s a story behind it lol) oh and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Im really hoping to learn that one in the violin.

What’s your fav genre of music?

I like a little bit of everything but country or “movie songs” 👍

So this is something that I am known for: not caring a fig about vehicles or their brands. xD I have a several friends that are automobile whizzes, and even the ones who aren’t know a ton more than me. So I choose Ford for no reason other than that’s what you want me to pick.

I cant say i know anything about vehicles. I can change a tire and change the oil in a vehicle but that’s bout it. I do know what i like tho and you are totally wrong. Chevy is the correct answer. Ford= Found On Road Dead. I dont know how you can sleep at night you little ford loving city boy.

My dream vehicle is an old, beat up Chevy truck

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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