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Noah Cochran


First of all, I must say that college at 17 is very impressive. I went to public school then after the third grade my mom started homeschooling me. She never wanted me to go to a public school to begin with, but my daddy was in the army and we just couldn’t afford it.

Eh, it’s just early online college, I’m not planning on taking anything more than that. I’m glad to here it, public schools are just crazy these days.

Oh would you? Well also as a fellow Missourian, I can honestly say I’ve only seen a sheep farm one time. Ever. Now, that’s just down here in the south where we say “taters” and “warsh” I can’t speak for any city boys. 😉

I wouldn’t say sheep are common in MO, but I’ve seen more sheep here than any other state. Of course, I haven’t lived in any other states, but we’ll just ignore that fallacy. City boys with sheep? Interesting.

Where at in Missouri do you live?? I haven’t met anyone on SE from my part of the world yet.

First off, as a guy whose traveled to Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, got right next to Louisiana, and is going to Georgia this February, I don’t consider MO southern at all. xD

We live in central MO, around Columbia. I assuming you’re near Branson or the Ozarks?

Well Imma pro life, pro God, pro gun, Trump supporter who doesn’t support the false meaning of the rainbow flag and thanks and supports our veterans. I also believe all lives matter fight for my constitutional rights and refuse to get vaccinated even if it means I can’t travel the world. So go ahead, call me out and let’s have a debate.

I’m a christian, so yes, I’m definitely pro life, pro God, and against rainbow flag garbage. I am also not vaccinated and I highly agree with you, everyone should have the right to do as they please. I’m definitely pro guns, but I do believe their should be some kind of limit to what you can own (for instance, I don’t want some guy building a tank missile or atom bomb in my city). So we agree on a lot.  🙂

Now for the thing I disagree with you on. As you can see, I will obviously not be supporting any democrats or radicals due to their anti-christian beliefs. However (and this is a debate I have a lot with my cousins and friends at church), I do not support Trump due to the fact that is very obviously not living the christian life. I vote for Godly men above all else (not that I’ve voted yet, but my dad and mom do the same thing), not how good they are for the economy. Trump is not a Godly man, and so I will be voting for some constitutional or libertarian party guy. Thoughts? 🙂

I’ll admit Peeta all the way.


Gale is top notch boring, and Peeta is obviously the spotlight.

I sure did! Are you one that people usually guess to be older or younger? People always think I’m older because I’m pretty tall

When I was 14, people thought I was 16, when I was 15, people thought I was 18, now people think I’m 17-19. So older, which is a good thing for a teenager usually. But in my case, height definitely has nothing to do with it. I am not tall, especially when juxtaposed with my friends, who all seem to be between 6 and 6.5 feet. xD

You’re terrible at answering questions man.

Oh come on Erynne, be nice.


Gambler by Kenny Rogers, Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver, and Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. What about you?

What’s your fav genre of music?

But just for that you have u answer this one as well *evil laugh* Chevy or Ford?

So this is something that I am known for: not caring a fig about vehicles or their brands. xD I have a several friends that are automobile whizzes, and even the ones who aren’t know a ton more than me. So I choose Ford for no reason other than that’s what you want me to pick.


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