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I’m using my old fashioned flip phone that I only have because I needed something for work to write this so it might be all whacked up lol

 How about you?

First of all, I must say that college at 17 is very impressive. I went to public school then after the third grade my mom started homeschooling me. She never wanted me to go to a public school to begin with, but my daddy was in the army and we just couldn’t afford it.

A conservatively insane countrygirl, interesting.

Tell me now, Mr Noah, what part of that is interesting? I am the most boring person you will ever meet 😂

Sheep are rare in Missouri are they? Well, as a fellow Missourian, I would like to dispute that

Oh would you? Well also as a fellow Missourian, I can honestly say I’ve only seen a sheep farm one time. Ever. Now, that’s just down here in the south where we say “taters” and “warsh” I can’t speak for any city boys. 😉

Where at in Missouri do you live?? I haven’t met anyone on SE from my part of the world yet.

Second oldest of seven

Wow that’s so cool! I would love to have a huge family. (Ok I have a huge family but not by siblings like that)

How about you?

<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>I’m the oldest of three. I have two younger brothers.</span>

<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Yes we should </span>

<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Well Imma pro life, pro God, pro gun, Trump supporter who doesn’t support the false meaning of the rainbow flag and thanks and supports our veterans. I also believe all lives matter fight for my constitutional rights and refuse to get vaccinated even if it means I can’t travel the world. So go ahead, call me out and let’s have a debate.  </span>

I apologize for my lack of punctuation. It’s really hard to be proper on this phone lol

You guessed me as 17 over the internet? That’s a first

I sure did! Are you one that people usually guess to be older or younger?

People always think I’m older because I’m pretty tall XD

My love for writing only continues to increase the more I do it

I can relate 😁

I’ve read the first and second book.

I’ve only read the first but I plan on reading them all here soon.

 Fictional boys huh, so do you like Peeta or Gale better?

Ah no! You do not want to hear about the boys I’ve crushed on 😂 since you asked, I’ll admit Peeta all the way.

If I ever can, Id love to tour much of Europe

Oh so would I!! France and Spain and Belgium and Italy… I could go on for days about all the places I want to see lol

Haha it’s not but thanks for the compliment. Not gonna lie, I’ve been looking around for several days for something to paint since it had been a while and your mentioning NZ inspired an idea. I thought you might like to see it but I probably just gave you nightmares about the place. Sorry.

Oh I asked around and I couldn’t find out what any of my great great great grandmas maiden names were.

You’re terrible at answering questions man. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE COUNTRY SONGS? (Im just picking on you 😉)

But just for that you have u answer this one as well *evil laugh* Chevy or Ford?

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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