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Josiah DeGraaf

@anne-of-lothlorien Those are some great thoughts! We have a great guide indeed. ^_^ I was travelling up to Harrisburg over the weekend of the 6th.

Those do sound like some hard experiences to go through as you work on writing your story. I will certainly pray for you when I go out and pray later tonight!

Ai–that’s hard to get criticism like that! 🙁 I’m sorry; I know stuff like that can get under one’s skin even when you know it’s not true. And I know as well that sometimes prayer doesn’t seem to be giving the consolation we’d long for when we approach God with it. There have certainly been seasons of my life where I’ve felt like I’m going to God every day with the same requests and not finding the comfort I hoped I would get. Those seasons eventually lifted for me and I was glad that I stuck through them, but they were hard to be going through them. I’ll be praying for you as well this evening–both for strength in the midst of that challenge, along with also the other aspect of actually finding a way to support yourself with your writing right now.

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