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Noah Cochran


Hey Erynne, sorry for the rather belated response, SE was messing up again.

I homeschooled my whole life, but am now taking classes at a career tech placement high school where my dad teaches, and I am also taking online college. How about you?

I’m really southern and conservative in the way I act, dress, think, talk, etc.

I’m glad to hear it.

A conservatively insane countrygirl, interesting. 😉

What’s it like having sheep?? I’m not too familiar with sheep. It isn’t the most common farm animal here in Missouri.

Sheep are rare in Missouri are they? Well, as a fellow Missourian, I would like to dispute that fact. 🙂

Exactly the same! Are you the oldest of your siblings?

Second oldest of seven. I have a sister who is twenty. How about you?

Ah, we might have to have a debate sometime. Like any time at all, I love debating. *smiles like an idiot*

Yes we should. 🙂

Haha! I guessed correctly! 😁 Do you enjoy writing as much as you thought you would?

You guessed me at 17 over the internet? That’s a first.

My love for writing only continues to increase the more I do it.

I do plan on finishing and perhaps publishing this one

I’ll hold you to that.

Yeah, I haven’t lol. I love Jo from Little Women and also Katniss Everdean. I also get crushes on the fictional boys so any on that list lol

I started little women, my sisters like it, I might read it someday. I was able to get through Emma by Jane Austen though, after a couple of female friends cajoled me into it, it was decent. Rose (of SE) convinced me to read Hunger Games, and I’ve read the first and second book. Katniss is pretty good, especially in the first book.

Fictional boys huh, so do you like Peeta or Gale better?

I am in love with Paris, but I would hate to live in the city.

If I ever can, I would like to tour much of Europe (that’s my love for medieval europe talking), but we’ll see.

Whew, sorry I talk WAYYYY too much. But you’re a fun one to talk to so that’s partially your fault. Shame on you.

How dare I.

This is a painting I did that’s supposed to be of NZ. It’s awful and the bad quality makes it look even worse so I honestly don’t know why I’m showing you but I am so get over it


Okay, I’m over it. 😉 It’s pretty good, worlds better than anything I could do. Did you just do that? Or is NZ something you’ve drawn in the past?

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