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That makes me feel amazing, to be honest.

Well it should, because you are! 😉

I believe in the 19- I think it was 94 version Jo kind of insinuated that Meg didn’t need a man, but yes, it was because she thought it should be them two forever.

I do agree that not every woman needs a man, I mean yeah, there are single women out there lol. However, I don’t agree that a woman doesn’t need a man because they’re “too good for a man” and “can do anything a man can do.” I believe if a woman is called to be single, it’s because that’s what she feels God intended for her.

Yessss that would be absolutely amazing!! Little Women is one of my favorites too, they just leave so much out of the movies (like always) I figured it out though, instead of movies, they should make books into tv shows where one episode=one chapter and each book in the series=one season (give or take)

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