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Anne of Lothlorien

@erynne I’m so glad you found my advice helpful! That makes me feel amazing, to be honest. 🙂

I’ve seen three versions of a movie of the story of Little Women… I’d still say that they never out and out said Jo wanted Meg not to marry because she ‘didn’t need a man’, but because she thought that they should just be Meg and Jo together forever. Technically it’s true that not every woman ‘needs a man’, i.e. has to fall in love and get married to be complete… not all women get married. I do agree that they infused Jo with more modern feminist actions and opinions in the movies, but I would still say that no version turned her rampaging femi-nazi. Despite the small changes, any version of Little Women still remains my favorite, because it’s one of my favorite stories ever and any time I get a movie or tv version to watch is a cause for celebration. (I’m still waiting for the mini-series where they do every single incident in the books… XD)

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