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She sounds awesome! We actually have kinda similar protagonists XD Not in personality, but they’re both princesses. Actually that’s pretty much where the similarities end XD

Princess Liorah, daughter of Shemaiah, of the Lehabim is my protagonist. (What a title XD She hates it.)

She’s very tall and pretty boyish, though she likes dresses, sewing and embroidery. (Whenever someone teases her about it, she says it shows she has the patience to stab something a thousand times.)

Liorah is pretty brash and reckless, with a quick temper. She has a horrible singing voice. (to the point that it’s a standing joke) She’s sarcastic and fiercely independant, to the point that it’s a fault. (I could trace this all back to her backstory, but I won’t or we’ll be here all day XD)

She’s a genuinely kind person if you don’t make her mad. In fact, she’s very protective of everyone she sees as weaker. She’s clever, confident, incredibly determined and would burn the world down for anyone she loves.

I’d say most of the book centers around her relationship with her older brother, the crown prince. He’s her opposite in most ways. He seems confident but actually doubts himself more than he lets on. He’s not as fiery as Liorah, and he fits pretty squarely in the hero archetype. He’s far more of a classical protagonist than Liorah is, but she’s more interesting.

I’ll stop now or I’ll keep talking about them constantly XD

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