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1) Name: I’m sure he doesn’t have just a common name but if he did I’d say Stephen

2) Age: 17?

3) Career/Role in Story: he looks like he’d be the antagonist

4) Personality: not a fun one haha, he looks like the clever villain

5) Would you be friends with that character?: no

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: he has fangs… I don’t know why but I assume he got bitten by a bat. He also lives in a fantasy world (like literally, that’s the genre of the book he’s in. Not that he’s a daydreamer XD)

7) What would this character’s nickname be? Why? : he’s the “Bad guy” idk, this is the hardest one

8) Character’s greatest strength: his cleverness and he’s good with a knife. Oh, and, he’s probably good at sneaking around.

9) Character’s fatal flaw: well I mean he’s the villain so there’s that XD

10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: I’m not sure but I feel like he hisses a lot

11) Character’s favorite color(s): black

12) Characters family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): I don’t think he has any family

13) Single or taken?: single

14) Characters children (if any?): nope

15) Characters hobbies: torturing people and spying

Now watch, he’s probably like this sweet guy with an incredible personality XD

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