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Yesss. This habit is so annoying.

Exactly! Though, the opposite is also annoying XD Changing something dramatically without thinking through it and just accepting that stuff is like that.

And dramatic anachronism with no explanation. People are using swords but you have electricity?? Howww?? Or, you’re obviously pre-industrial revolution but the MC is wearing a lace dress?? Do you know how long bobbin lace takes? This isn’t feasible.

Unfortunately, both of those are real examples XD (I’m getting off-topic, I’ll stop now XD)

Even as a hopeless romantic, I agree with this. (Maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic, actually.) Especially in YA where the characters are still really young and maybe haven’t even figured out their worldviews yet, or come to acknowledge their recurring shortcomings, or…

Yeah, the idea of finding your true love at seventeen is romantic, but is it really helpful or edifying? Not always. It can be, just as there can be people in real life who meet their future spouses when they’re young. It’s not always a bad thing to show. But more balance would be nice.

I wouldn’t consider myself a hopeless romantic XD A romance needs to be really good for me to find it compelling. More often, I catch myself thinking “Stop kissing every three pages. This is boring. I want sword fighting and cool stuff!” XD But once again, that’s purely my taste.

But even I can see that often the set up relationships are rushed and basically doomed for failiure, for the exact reasons you mentioned. The characters are like sixteen! They don’t even have themselves figured out yet.

(Every time I read YA or MG and it includes romance I always want to scream at the characters. “You’re a literal child, calm down!”)

And sure, it’s sweet to see some budding romance, but often authors try to shortcut to the happy ending.

I think this partially stems from the idea that only a romance arc is compelling. I can think of a dozen other relationship arcs that I LOVE to read. (Friends to sibling-like is just as good, in my opinion. And Enemies to friends to sibling-like? Perfection.) Yeah, romantic arcs can be cool and fun to read, but there are other options.

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