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Same here.

Are you homeschooled or do you go to public school?

Ah, we have some things in common–except, perhaps, the part about being obsessively obsessive about obsessiveness.

Yeah, well…. I am pretty much the definition of insane XDXD

What exactly is a country girl where you come from? 20 acres and a flock of poultry? Or 50 acres and ten horses?

All of the above. The twenty acres and a flock of poultry is closer to my current status. I consider myself a country girl cuz a) I live in the country and b) I’m really southern and conservative in the way I act, dress, think, talk, etc. and I’m a total tomboy. I LOVE horses and even though I don’t have any of my own, I get to ride my only neighbors’ horses and they have me take care of them when they go on vacation. (which is like once a month lol)

I live out in the country as well, where I love to paddle boat out on our pond and listen to audiobooks or just look at the sky and contemplate life. I also raise ducks and sheep, so I suppose I’m somewhat of a countryboy.

Oh that’s awesome!! Yeah, staring at the sky and contemplating life is definitely something I do haha. We just have chickens at the moment (we just started the whole homestead thing about a year ago, so don’t judge lol) our next step is to get cows. What’s it like having sheep?? I’m not too familiar with sheep. It isn’t the most common farm animal here in Missouri.

You definitely sound like a country boy compared to other “country boys” I’ve seen 😉

I’m not into baking much (though I am interested in learning sometime) but I do like to cook casseroles or grill steak once in a while.

Baking can be fun! I actually work in a bakery so I get to do it a lot. Ahhh steak. You’re making my mouth water. XD

Teasing is fun isn’t it, I probably do it a little too much though, my siblings would say so anyway. xD

Exactly the same! Are you the oldest of your siblings?

I adore singing.   My favorite things to sing are folk songs, some old country songs, hymns, and what I call ‘movie songs,’ which is a genre of songs that have been produce for movies–many of which I haven’t even seen (such as The Greatest Showman). What are some of your favorite songs to sing or listen to?

Ok, I should’ve said that I enjoy making screaming camel sounds because that’s a little more realistic.

I love all of that too (Greatest Showman is like one of my favoritest movies ever!! What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack?) What’s your favorite country song/artist? I love ABBA, country music, oldies music, and hymns. I actually like a little bit of everything. Oh, and 90s music. I really like 90s music.

One thing I like even more than singing is debating, especially politics and religion.   Me and my cousins, brother, and friends have a habit of debating and discussing both those topics many Sunday afternoons after Church.

Ah, we might have to have a debate sometime. Like any time at all, I love debating. *smiles like an idiot*

Oh, and it’s obviously carmel, no debate about that


Keep me updated on your progress.

Sure will 👍

Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie, Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland, and Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands. I love medieval history and medieval fiction, but that is hard to come by.

Oh I love the medieval times! I enjoy learning about those times in school and I love getting to dress up medievally for Reformation Day. I can’t say I’ve heard of any of those though.

Such disrespect for your ancestors.

Oh I know. I’m an awful person *sigh*

Good ol’ 17. Didn’t know a thing about writing until this June when I research the topic, and then I started writing my first WIP at the end of  last July.

Haha! I guessed correctly! 😁 Do you enjoy writing as much as you thought you would?

I’m currently doing a brief revision of a stand alone action adventure novel set in medieval France. It titled it The Thief’s Dilemma  and opens following a character in third person named Hugon, who is, you guessed it, an expert thief. I’ve also begun brainstorming and outlining a medieval series.

That’s really interesting! The second story I wrote, but never finished, of course, was set in a fantasy/ medieval world. (I talk like I’ve written a million things 😂 don’t over estimate me, I’m on my third WIP that I havent finished. I do plan on finishing and perhaps publishing this one 👍)

How about you?

Oh yeah, I’ve heard a lot about vidangel. I like a lot of the 90s shows such as Full House and Boy Meets World. Movie wise, I love musicals and Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t watch too much of modern day tv since it’s pretty much all trash.

So no one you’ve heard of. xD What about you?

Yeah, I haven’t lol. I love Jo from Little Women and also Katniss Everdean. I also get crushes on the fictional boys so any on that list lol

New Zealand. No question. However…I am the definition of gregarious and I love talking to and meeting people, and NZ is rather isolated, so I’ll just stick with America.   And yourself?

NZ is a beautiful place! I’ve never been out of the country so I can only speak from pictures, but it looks gorgeous. I am definitely an extrovert so I completely understand XD My dream is to travel the world but because of current circumstances I’m not going to be able to do that. At least it doesn’t look like it at the moment. I am in love with Paris, but I would hate to live in the city. Port Isaac would probably be my go to destination.

Whew, sorry I talk WAYYYY too much. But you’re a fun one to talk to so that’s partially your fault. Shame on you.

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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