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R.M. Archer

I often see the problem of fantasy where authors find it a necessity to assume that the problems of this world are directly transferred without considering cultural background.

Yesss. This habit is so annoying.

Romance is great, and sometimes the best thing for the story, but it’d be cool if some characters were still single by the end of the series. Either because they haven’t found the right person, or because they’re not ready to marry, or they have something they need to finish first.

Even as a hopeless romantic, I agree with this. (Maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic, actually.) Especially in YA where the characters are still really young and maybe haven’t even figured out their worldviews yet, or come to acknowledge their recurring shortcomings, or…

Yeah, the idea of finding your true love at seventeen is romantic, but is it really helpful or edifying? Not always. It can be, just as there can be people in real life who meet their future spouses when they’re young. It’s not always a bad thing to show. But more balance would be nice.

I’m also quite conservative, and I know there’s others out there but it’s hard to find those who aren’t scared to admit what they stand for.

Yeah, it is. :/

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