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Ummmmmm excuse me, did you just include “Liorah” and “behaving” in the same sentence???

I KNOW I KNOW!!! It’s not so much that as that I’ve planned for her not to behave XD The sheer amount of stupid chaotic reckless stuff Liorah does in one book is truly incomprehensible. Her personal best is repeatedly insulting someone who is literally on the point of executing her. I kid you not. Even I was impressed XD

Wow that’s excellent!! I am almost done with the first draft of my fantasy, but I don’t plan on finishing it for a while. My new book is my priority at the moment. (Even though I’m still in the plotting stage. Ugh)

LOL, someone who hates plotting as much as I do! I plot everything out in relative detail but sometimes I get to a point where I don’t know what will happen until I’ve written it so my outline has a lot of question marks XD

What’s your new story’s premise?

After I finish this draft, I’m going to print out and read the first draft of book 2. I’m SO looking forward to that, there is nothing as satisfying as holding your 130k manuscript in your hands in actual paper and knowing that you MADE THAT!! True bliss. (until you read it and cringe)

Anyway, then I’m beta reading for someone while I plot book 3 and then I’m going to see if I can write book 3 (which will probably be over 100k) in less than three months. Fun times XD (I’m so going to hate myself XD)

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