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Don’t you dare mispronounce my name.

I wouldn’t dare XD

Well if it only took you week, it shouldn’t take me more than a year, I need to try this.

It’s one of those things that makes you instantly cool, no matter the company or the context. It’s worth learning.

Well my permanently exhausted pigeon, I won’t say it’s easy, but it gets easier the longer you do it.


Thankfully, I’m not totally unprepared. xD I created a document containing for by beta readers with a list of questions I would like them to answer for me. Some are more open ended, some are more specific. I will share this document with my betas shortly before I give the manuscript out, so that everyone can glance over the questions and get a gist of what I would like them to think on as they read. There’s more info than that, but it’ll all be in the document. Sound okay?

I’m outraged. Shocked. It aught to be illegal for someone to be productive and organized. It’s almost like you *whispers in outrage* know what you’re doing. Appaling. Just make everything up as you go along and write only when struck by panic or inspiration like the rest of us.

All jokes aside, that’s a great idea, it’ll work perfectly. Forewarning, I’ve never beta-read a full manuscript before, though I have critiqued shorter pieces and analyze every piece of literature that has the misfortune of falling into my possesion. (Why am I telling you this, I’ve critiqued your stuff, you know this already.)

Anyway, I can’t give you any kind of solid timeframe since I have genuinely no clue how long it’ll take. All I can tell you is I won’t give up on it and I’m going to finish it before I start on my third book. (And I’m pretty eager to start that, so I hope it’ll be fairly quickly.)

Also, no matter what you ask me to look out for, if I see something inaccurate related to horses, swords, medieval dressmaking, or any of the other random subjects I somehow have an above-average knowledge about, I will tell you about it. (Nicely of course, and I’ll try not to go on excited tangents about it. Too often.)

Oh, and you can include as many memes as you would like.

Like the correcting of inaccuracies, this was going to happen regardless, I just wanted to mention it beforehand XD

Anyway– *Checks notes. Or actually, doesn’t. I’m making this up as I go along* I think that’s everything? Looking forward to when your manuscript appears!



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