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Never heard of full house, is it any good?!

Yeah it’s one of my favorite tv shows and it’s pretty clean so that’s great (and rare…)

I’ve been alive and annoying!

Oh my goodness, me too!!

my (better be) final draft of my one novel is getting available for beta-reading.

Hey that’s great!! Meira needs to make a comeback at some point for the people that haven’t met her. I’m sorry I had to leave the castle, life just got lifey and it became too much to keep up with. I swear I posted A goodbye post with a huge farewell to my evil scientist, but I guess it got deleted during one of the technical difficulty days. (TDD for short)

Tomorrow I’m visiting a university I really want to enter to see if they have classes online in graphic design, I really really hope so!!!

Wow that’s amazing!! I hope everything goes well for you! That sounds like a fantastic opportunity

Aside from that pretty average chaos lol, hbu?

Ah well I just turned 15 a few weeks ago and got my permit so I’ve been driving a lot and haven’t killed anyone so I guess that’s going well. I also started working at a bakery a few months ago (that I hope to one day take over) so I’m prepping for Thanksgiving. Me and my family also just got over covid but we’re all fine now and none of us had it bad enough to go to the hospital or anything so thank the Lord. I just haven’t been able to taste or smell for three weeks so hopefully that’ll go back to normal (I’ve burnt so many cookies at work since I can’t smell their doneness). Something exciting I recently got to do is talk to my absolute favorite celeb and politician which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. (Ok, she talked to me through a YouTube interview. My cousin called for me since I had covid and couldn’t speak very loud and I didn’t want to be coughing through the whole phone call but she still talked. to. me!!!!!! So that was an amazing experience and made my world) Other than that not much at all except school lol

(wow how did you remember out tags…)

I know I wish it hadn’t died off!! (Idk, I have an excellent memory hahaha)

*Lol has mentally called you every variation of “Er–in, Er–nee even Er-mee” XDDD*

Haha, yeah don’t worry about it. I love the spelling, but I know it’s hard for people to figure out how to pronounce it if they read it and don’t know me and like this exact situation XD I get called Ernie a lot by my grandpa since that’s how my name is spelled lol

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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