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*Stumbles in late (my default mode now…😂)*

LOL I’ve missed you!!! Never heard of full house, is it any good?!
I’ve been alive and annoying! All my characters hate me of course and now I’m working on a webtoon with my brother and I’ll probably be hosting a newsletter for it soon! (Once I figure out how with tech-savvy of a wet fishstick…). Meira’s left the Villain’s Castle with the goose and now my antagonistic shapeshifter is antagonizing an assassin there, my (better be) final draft of my one novel is getting available for beta-reading.
Tomorrow I’m visiting a university I really want to enter to see if they have classes online in graphic design, I really really hope so!!! Aside from that pretty average chaos lol, hbu?

Do you remember the “Explain your plot badly” thread that’s sadly died off, and I told you (I am 99% sure it was you) that there was a plotline that’s been in the back of my mind for some time but I probably won’t get to it for ten years?

(wow how did you remember out tags…)

(pronounced Erin, I know the spelling is kind of odd)

*Lol has mentally called you every variation of “Er–in, Er–nee even Er-mee” XDDD*

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