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Noah Cochran


My good friend Camiravaldarion! XD

Don’t you dare mispronounce my name.

About a week of annoying my parents by the constant ‘clink’ of a dropping coin.

Well if it only took you week, it shouldn’t take me more than a year, I need to try this.

That’s…. unimaginable. I admire both of your dedication but HOW? I’m neither a morning bird nor a night owl, I’m a permanently exhausted pigeon who is only moderately awake in the afternoons

Well my permanently exhausted pigeon, I won’t say it’s easy, but it gets easier the longer you do it.

I wanted to ask, what kind of feedback to you want for Thief’s Dilemma? What do you want me to focus on? Do you have any specific weaknesses or concerns you want me to watch out for? Is there a specific way you want me to give you feedback? Ten to one, the feedback is going to include memes, but I’ll try to limit them if you like XD

Thankfully, I’m not totally unprepared. xD I created a document containing for by beta readers with a list of questions I would like them to answer for me. Some are more open ended, some are more specific. I will share this document with my betas shortly before I give the manuscript out, so that everyone can glance over the questions and get a gist of what I would like them to think on as they read. There’s more info than that, but it’ll all be in the document. Sound okay?

Oh, and you can include as many memes as you would like. 🙂

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