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Anne of Lothlorien

Hey @josiah!

It’s been… going. 😀 Some days I’ve forgotten, which I’m sad about, but the days that I’ve held to my commitment of praying anytime I start working on writing have been amazing. I’ve been in a huge writing slump recently, as in the entire year of 2021 huge. But the… I believe it was fifth day prayer prompt was so good for me, the one about how we often lose sight of our identity in Christ as a writer and get wrapped up in seeing our identity in our writing. If our writing isn’t good enough for us, we’re not good enough for us. I get lost in criticizing myself as a writer because I think I’m not as good as someone else or I’m mad because I can’t rewrite something as good as it was. But praying and refocusing on the fact that God made me a writer and my purpose is to writer for Him and His glory, not to write as good as someone else, has been hugely encouraging. I’m not quite out of the ‘depths of despair’ yet… still sad that I can’t get my story that I loved rewritten… but I’m on my way and I’ve got a great Guide. 🙂

Just curious – where’d you travel to?


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