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Joshua Scheele


Thanks, I will definitely check them out. I have always learned by watching people than reading a book. I haven’t read the novellas either but definitely excited for them. The star of my first planned series is a little girl who essentially is an exiled princess. She is 12 with brown hair, hazel eyes, and small stature. She was your typical princess, till the darkness came almost everything and everyone she loved. She decides to no longer be helpless or useless anymore. With considerable help, she is made into a warrior and soldier and she will push herself to be the best regardless of her size and age. When she is not training, she will serve her people by helping with all sorts of tasks as a way to learn as many skills as possible. If her size and adorableness does not make someone endear her then her humbleness and servant’s heart will. She will earn every warrior and soldier’s respect as their captain, as she says no more to death each day for the sake of others. She hates anything that will make her seem beautiful or essentially princess like. This includes hygiene, but her stand-in mother will not put up with that. XD She has a magical and amazing singing voice. Her voice will put the birds to shame and nature and the planet will join in song with her in peace. In war her voice will encourage her companions to stand strong, natural will answer her call, and her enemy to flee.

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