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Ahhhh my favorite annoying humans!! (…probably human :D)

My favorite alien to annoy!! XD And… our possibly human friend @noah-cochran XD

I’ll rename myself “Camiravaldarion” or something to make it easier for you.

You, my good friend Camiravaldarion, have just opened Pandora’s can of worms.

(That literally made me snicker out loud XD)

*stealthily notes titles*

*Stealthily copies notes*

Those look awesome! Cool premises, I totally have to look into them! That’s my favorite thing about anyone asking for recommendations, I get a bunch in the process XD


Ahem. Sorry, I had to live up to expectations of being annoying 🙂

I used to draw a lot before I went to college, then lost touch. I have been slowly working on returning to it and recently started digital illustration using Clip Art Studio. Do you have any learning resources you would recommend?

That’s a cool program! I’ve heard of it! I use Krita and an Intuos tablet.

Learning resources… I do have a few!

First of all, YouTube is a great place to start. Some of my favorite Youtubers are Sinix Design, Sara Tepes, and Sam Does Arts. I also follow Loish on Patreon, and her tutorials are fantastic.

I don’t use books as much, but I do have one or two anatomy books lying around. (I don’t use them much anymore XD)

Otherwise, I highly recommend finding a bunch of artists you like and following them wherever they post. (If you use Instagram, that’s your best bet.)

You’ll pick up how they do things and you’ll figure out what you like in drawings and you can use that in your own art. Really pinpoint what you like about their art, then try to emulate it in yours. Experiment a lot and use references. That’s generally how I try to improve 🙂

Wow! Medieval North Africa honestly sounds like an awesome place setting. I would love to read it.

Thanks! It’s still in the rough stages, but it’s making good progress.

Sanderson’s Skyward is probably my current favorite sci fi and is most likely the cleanest of all his different series. I read his Stormlight Archives which were good but not quite as clean. First Trilogy of Mistborn same but the 2nd trilogy, definitely not as clean. I will check out those books. I have not come across those before but they sound very intriguing. Thank you! I definitely don’t mind when people go overboard with book recommendations. Always appreciated! XD

Awesome! I really liked Skyward, I need to read the novellas but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Who is your protagonist? What are they like?

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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