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Thank you for your input! I agree with everything you said. I’m also quite conservative, and I know there’s others out there but it’s hard to find those who aren’t scared to admit what they stand for.


I knew tagging you would be a good thing. I agree with you and you’ve pointed out a lot that I never really gave any thought to. Deborah is definitely a book I’ll have to keep in mind while writing my character, thank you.


that article was extremely helpful, thank you! I knew if anyone did, it would be you that liked the title the most XD


You raise some interesting points. I agree that it is possible for a woman to take on a man even with height and weight differences, however I believe it is less likely for a skinny 5’2 girl to win against a muscular 6’2 man. Though it is possible, it is less likely. Most authors (not all, but most) would probably let the girl win because she’s a woman rather than she is a woman with skill or the circumstances were exactly right, and that’s what I disagree with.

I’m pretty sure we all pretty much agree on everything, that being said, what more would you like to see in writing that shows this? A few examples have been given but not many

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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