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I want to be able to read a story where a woman embraces being female without having to resort to belittling a male or besting a male in the process.

I agree with you here. I often see the problem of fantasy where authors find it a necessity to assume that the problems of this world are directly transferred without considering cultural background.

On that same note, I think it would be awesome to see a book where a woman is in a position of authority (either via bloodline or necessity) but isn’t forced to prove herself. It’d be really cool to just see people not questioning her just because she’s a woman but just accepting her as capable.

There is nothing “not feminine” about a girl being a “tomboy” with similar likes to what some consider “boyish likes”. It is unfortunate that we categorize certain interests in terms of gender, for I think we gather a little too much under certain groupings.

Couldn’t agree more.


Our primary goal ought to be to glorify God and use the gifts He’s given us in ways that are biblically appropriate. If that’s in marriage, fantastic. If not, we can still be faithful to use our gifts in a godly manner.

Exactly. I find it kind of frustrating when every single character is shoehorned into a romance at the same time. It feels contrived when every person in a friend group falls in love within the space of a few months.

Romance is great, and sometimes the best thing for the story, but it’d be cool if some characters were still single by the end of the series. Either because they haven’t found the right person, or because they’re not ready to marry, or they have something they need to finish first.

I have at least two characters who decide to wait until they’re older to pursue romance. One because he has some things he has to work through first, the other because she has something she feels called to that she wants to accomplish.

I think it’s important to showcase a variety of strengths in female characters. Include the female characters who fight, but also include the ones who are healers, or mothers, or artists, or sisters, or who speak up about injustice or challenge others to grow or… any number of other things. Strength comes in many forms, whether you’re writing a male or a female character. We’ve adopted this societal notion that physical strength is the only one that counts, but integrity and compassion and wisdom and patience and many other things are equally as strong and important—if not more so.

Exactly! I love to see a variety of characters and strengths, whether male or female.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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