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Noah Cochran


Dude!! You’re crazy @noah-cochran!!!

You’re not the first one to inform me of that fact.



(And run in high heels idk how that’s humanly possible…although I’d probably find a way or break them consistently if I ever wore them).

Okay, so being able to run in high heels is amazingly impressive.  😉

Weeeell!! @rose-colored-fancy does spectacular art and she has her own Instagram account for them too!!! She can finish her designs in like just a couple days and they have gorgeous light and shading and complimentary color integration!!!

Nice. 🙂 Do you plan to do your own book cover art?

And of course being able to roll a coin over her knuckles like Jaron!!!!

Wait, really? That’s great, how long did it take you to learn it?

I start around 5 in the morning to until somebody turns on the lights

Writing at 5 in the morning is rough. My word speed is more like 300-400 an hour that early. I would usually start writing at 6 and stop at 10. Then come back and write a little more later.

Aaaaand email marketing links to start! Hopefully!

linkydo and (and a ridiculous amount of my research is in pdfs 😭, BUT that’s tomorrow’s problem 😁)

Linkydo didn’t work whatever it was. xD

Don’t worry about the pdfs, we’ll see about emailing them sometime possibly, either way, don’t worry about it.




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